I'm Mari. I build things. Seamless User Experiences, Living Green-Walls, tree houses, brand identities, artisanal edibles--I do it all. I have designed everything from web products, to physical products, to environments and space—though now I reside in the world of Omni-Channel UX. I live and breathe user-centered design. I also do product & design innovation consulting with companies large and small; helping get their problems off the whiteboard and into an MVP at lightning fast speed through design thinking, rapid prototyping, deep user empathy, and a little magic. An evangelist of sorts, preaching the gospel of fast & dirty design to corporations everywhere.



Some folks I’ve worked with

Walmart Grocery & Walmart Labs


Velu Fur

Motorola/ Google ATAP




Big Sur Lab- Founder

Big Sur Apothecary

Loma Vista Garden Inn

Mutoid Waste Co./ Black Rock City Art Foundation

Stealth Projects (associated cannabis brands)

and more…